Copenhagen City Guide

Copenhagen is a classic European city, which is also known as the happiest place on EARTH. It’s true – everyone there is so nice and gorgeous. I was there for about 4 days and here is the roundup of what I did.

Take the train from CPH airport to the city center – it was $11 for 2 people. Try to avoid uber and taxis as they can get very expensive!

Download “City Maps to go” and you can have maps without wifi which was SUPER helpful


To Stay:

First Hotel Mayfair – tiny rooms, but next to Tivoli and train station so it was in a good location!

To Eat:

  • Illum Rooftop– Original Coffee – Good view of the city center
  • Garden Restaurant– Get the mushroom soup, cheese board, and beer braised steak
  • The Market Italian– Truffle arancini, pumpkin soup, mushroom risotto, truffle orecchiette, and endive salad.
  • Geist– great tapas style place. Right by Nyhavn as well.
  • Union Kitchen– Great breakfast place. Also does fun cappuccino art
  • La Glacébakery– Adorable little bakery that is always very crowded.
  • Mother Pizza– Meatpacking district. They only serve pizzas and some appetizers, but it was amazing.
  • Café Norden– DO NOT go here. It is in a convenient location, but the food was terrible and so overpriced. I think we paid $90 for a terrible lunch.
  • Irma– Grocery store, we stopped here for snacks for our day trip to Sweden. They sell Grod Granola here and it is amazing. $10 but can reuse the glass jar when you finish the granola.

Other Recommendations (that we didn’t get a chance to go to)

  • Cafe Flottenheimer – a MUST, it’s a cute cafe Mediterranean food. Great lunch stop while sight-seeing! On the cheaper side of things and good lentil soup.
  • Fiat – Italian!!! In a great location and a nice walk to get there. The truffle pasta was pretty good. This is a good restaurant if you’re craving Italian, but otherwise could realistically skip it
  • Cafe Palludan – if you’re looking for another local spot, similar to Cafe Flottenheimer, this is for you!! Great warm soups, local sandwiches, and so on.
  • D’Angleterre–expensive because its in a nice hotel but good food
  • Barr–pretty and nice seating (across from Nyhavn) This is where Noma used to be and they are by the same owners. Limited menu though.
  • Restaurant Relae– Michelin star restaurant and the area around Relae has a bunch of other bars and cute spots so spend some time exploring and for drinks before hand
  • Kalaset– for blueberry pancakes
  • Mad & Kaffe– An amazing mix of contemporary x traditional Danish brunch. Voted Copenhagens #1 caféin 2014.

To Drink:

  • Victoria Pub– cute drink spot
  • Balderdash– An adorable little bar with craft cocktails, extreme hygge vibes
  • Bakken– meatpacking district. There are lots of other cool bars in this area too.
  • The Jane– “Mad Men” style bar
  • Bar 7– AMAZING cocktails
  • Aloha/ Stereo Bar– other fun bars on Gothersgade which is a popular street



Grand Tour:

  • Newest City Hall– they had 5 city halls and the current one was copied from Sienna
  • Saw the Pilsner/Carlsberg origins
  • Maegstreade– oldest street in Copenhagen
  • ChristianborgPalace– we didn’t get a chance to climb the top, but its free and has good views of the city. Open from 11:00 AM- 6:00 PM but closed on Mondays. Christianborg also sits on the “Island of Power”
  • High bridge square– this is where the Statue of Absalonis and Hermes is (in case you cant find the statue)
    • Absalon claimed to have built Copenhagen, but 2 years ago (2016) his story fell apart. Developing metro work – 2 lines and 17 stations. They found a bunch of evidence there was a town here before. They found skeletons and artifacts.
  • Church of St. Nikolai– this is the first church in 1500
  • Kangens Nytorv– this means Kings New Square, and this is where the big department store, Royal Ballet and Orchestra and Geist are.
  • Magasin Du Nord– department store. This used to be Hotel Du Nord where Hans Christian Andersen lived.
  • Nyhavn– this means “new harbor.”
  • Opera House– this sits across from Amalienborg palace and Marble church to create a straight line
  • Amalienborg– this is where the four palaces are. Queen Margaret lives here and she has been queen since she was 32 years old. She is the ceremonial Head of State.


  • Mermaid sculpture in the water
  • Old stock exchange
  • Kissing bridge– by Nyhavn / Barr Restaurant. There is a food market that is at the bottom of it as well.
  • Fredrick’s Church
  • Christiana– We didn’t actually go into this town with the tour, but he dropped us right outside of the entrance. It has been operating for 47 years as its own city, but they still benefit from the Copenhagen infrastructure. They have the ‘Green light’ district where they sell marijuana – DO NOT take any pictures or have your phone out by any means…apparently they will confiscate from you!!

Mermaid Sculpture

Some other things we did while we were there…

  • Strøget Street– Longest pedestrian street in the world
  • Nyhavn– New Harbour – the classic picture perfect area that is on all of the post cards of Copenhagen.
  • Tivoli Gardens– We were lucky enough to see it the day before it shut down for the Halloween/Christmas switch over. It closes for 2 weeks in November.
  • Tivoli Food Hall– I had a Vanilla Fodeboller here. This is a traditional Danish chocolate dessert.
  • Marble Church– GORGEOUS! Reminds me of St. Pauls Cathedral.
  • Rosenborg Castle– This also had gorgeous gardens. You can take a tour of the inside, but I didn’t have the patience that day.
  • Torvehallerne– AKA the Glass Market – it is a giant food hall (Grod)
  • Church of Our Saviour– Climbed the top and I can honestly say this was the scariest moment of my life. There is absolutely no exterior walls protecting you. If you are scared of heights, DO NOT do this.
  • Rundetaarn– the Round Tower – there aren’t any stairs in this, it’s a ramp!

Day Trip to Sweden from Copenhagen:

We did a tour that took us to Lund and Malmo, Sweden for the day. The tour guide (her name was Petra) picked us up at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen and then she drove us across the bridge to Lund. The school is really the only thing in Lund, but it is still cool. Then the tour guide drove us to Malmo, which is a more of a city. We ate at a food hall in Sweden called Malmo Saluhall and walked around for a little and she gave us train tickets to return to Copenhagen whenever we wanted.

  • Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are Scandinavian countries
  • Greenland is part of Denmark
  • Sweden is a cashless society – they just switched coins as well so they don’t even know what their currency looks like
  • The bridge was founded in 2000, and people commute from Sweden to Copenhagen for better jobs. The bridge is owned by both governments
  • Passport control started again in 2015 – because of refugees
  • They built an artificial island next to the bridge called Salt and Pepper. The salt side is Danish and the Pepper side is Swedish. No one is allowed to walk around on this bridge.
  • Lund has 100,000 people and there are 40,000 students


  • Star Park (Kastellet)– SO COOL shaped like a star
  • ØrestedParken– near Glass Market – great place for a picnic
  • Frederiksberg Park– near Carlsberg – this is also where the Copenhagen zoo is
  • Faelledparken– really large park in Østerbro. There is an awesome area with in-ground trampolines too.
  • Superkilen park– really cool and artsy
  • the “Lakes” –(not really a park, not really lakes either kind of more like large connected ponds) – nice to run/bike around, you can also rent a cute swan boat here




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